The formula that works for me!

Each morning, I gently start my day around 6 am, allowing myself time to wake up and enjoy a quiet morning coffee. It's important for me to monitor my health, so I regularly check my weight and blood sugar levels, using Janumet as part of my healthcare routine. Recognizing the importance of sobriety in my life, I've chosen to abstain from alcohol and receive monthly Vivitrol shots.

Mental well-being is a key aspect of my journey, so I engage in weekly therapy sessions and meet with my psychiatrist every three months. These steps have been instrumental in helping me navigate my thoughts and emotions.

In my pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, I've modified my eating habits, focusing on consuming about two-thirds of my previous portions. This includes balanced snacks and meals, with an emphasis on reducing my intake of rice and similar foods. Regular doctor visits and ensuring a good night's sleep, ideally between 9-10 pm, are also vital components of my routine.

Finding joy in hobbies and new projects has been a transformative experience, offering me a creative outlet and a sense of fulfillment. I also indulge in weekly massages to help relax and unwind.

The pivotal moment in my journey was my last rehabilitation experience, which marked the beginning of my recovery and paved the way for a healthier lifestyle. These experiences, including regular check-ups with my primary care physician, have been crucial in untangling the complexities of my mental, physical, and spiritual health.

It's like unraveling a tangled set of wires: starting with one and gradually finding it easier to untangle the rest. This process has brought me to a place of better health and well-being than I've ever experienced before.

At night, I find solace in the simple pleasure of an audiobook, which quickly lulls me to sleep. Looking forward to new learnings in technology keeps me motivated and excited about the days ahead. While I have many ongoing projects, I find contentment in the journey rather than the destination. My job brings me joy, and it's a joy that seems to be reciprocated.

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