Whispers of the Mother

It's been quite unsettling lately with all these news stories about assassinations and murders linked somehow to India. There's been a worrying increase in such incidents over the past few months, not just in India, but also plots unfolding in the USA and Canada. Similar things have been happening in Pakistan for years too.

Just look at today's news, for instance. Cyrus Sajjad Qazi, the Foreign Affairs Secretary, spoke about catching two Indian agents involved in target killings in Pakistan. Shahid Latif and Muhammad Riyaz, two men killed in Sialkot and Rawalakot, were apparently linked to these agents. The agents were orchestrating all this, and it turns out that locals were involved in these killings too. The whole thing is just so twisted when you think about it.

It really makes me wonder what's going on. Like, are some Indian officials really 'hiring' or 'recruiting' other Indians or NRIs to do their dirty work? It's crazy to think about. A country as big and democratic as India shouldn't be playing these kinds of games. And the worst part is, the people who get roped into this mess end up paying a heavy price, no matter where they get caught.

Countries should really think twice about using their own people like pawns in some political chess game. It's not just unethical; it's sad. They're essentially manipulating their own citizens. It all feels so wrong and makes you question the real motives behind these actions.

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