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I always try to exercise caution in my communication, particularly when it comes to delegating roles or expressing needs within a project. For instance, I consciously avoid making statements such as, "We really need you for this specific aspect of the project." My concern is that such expressions might confine someone to a narrowly defined role, potentially causing them to lose sight of the broader value they bring. This could lead to a reduced sense of their overall contribution, which I find counterproductive. From personal experience, I know how limiting it feels to be pigeonholed, and I strive not to impose that feeling on others.

However, my approach of being non-assertive about ownership and contributions has its drawbacks. It seems to open the door for others to step in and dominate. In the early stages, I might have played a central role in the project, but without asserting this or repeatedly highlighting my contributions, I've noticed that others are quick to take the lead. They begin to refer to the project as their own, shaping it according to their vision. This shift often leaves me feeling sidelined—a spectator in a play I originally directed.

Despite these feelings, I find it difficult to confront the situation. Part of this reluctance stems from the fact that the relationships remain amicable. Everyone continues to treat me kindly, which makes it challenging to express my frustrations without seeming confrontational or jeopardizing the harmony. As a result, I grapple with a mix of disappointment and resignation, questioning whether I should have been more forthright about my role from the beginning. This internal conflict is compounded by my aversion to conflict and my preference for maintaining pleasant interpersonal dynamics, even at the expense of my own authority in projects.

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