Cringe: When Sahil called a woman Jahil!?

This infuriating video featuring Sahil Adeem popped up on my feed recently. Now, I don’t usually follow him or the channel, but this time the internet was in an uproar, so I thought, why not check it out? Uh! #Cringe, Big mistake. What I witnessed was nothing short of a disaster.

Here’s the lowdown: Adeem had previously made a ridiculous statement claiming that 90% of women are 'jahil' (ignorant, illiterate, rude). In this latest episode, a brave woman asked him to apologize for his previous remarks. Instead of apologizing, Adeem doubled down and called her 'jahil' on TV because she didn’t know meaning of some word in Arabic. Yep, you heard that right. Then, to top it off, he tried quoted Quran and Allah that its an order to call someone 'Jahil' Seriously? And to add insult to injury, the host of the show, another woman, just sat there and did nothing. It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

Misuse of Islamic Teachings

First off, let’s set the record straight. Sahil’s justification is not just wrong, it’s a gross misuse of Islamic teachings. The Quran has a lot to say about respect, kindness, and how to deal with ignorance, and calling someone 'jahil' in a derogatory way isn’t part of it.

  1. Surah Al-Hujurat (49:11) > "O believers! Do not let some ˹men˺ ridicule others, they may be better than them, nor let ˹some˺ women ridicule other women, they may be better than them. Do not defame one another, nor call each other by offensive nicknames. How evil it is to act rebelliously after having faith! And whoever does not repent, it is they who are the ˹true˺ wrongdoers." > > - Reference: Surah Al-Hujurat, Ayah 11

Does this verse not make it crystal clear? – don’t insult or ridicule others. Calling someone ignorant in a demeaning way is a big no-no.

The Reality of Media Sensationalism

I have to admit, another part of me wonders if this whole fiasco was a set-up. It’s not far-fetched to think that the incident was orchestrated to paint the woman in a bad light later on. Media sensationalism is a real thing, and it often trumps integrity. But here’s the kicker – the fact that we even have to consider this possibility shows just how messed up the situation is.

Silence from Political Activists

What’s even more disappointing is the silence from political activists, especially from parties like PPP. This isn’t the first time Samaa TV or Sahil Adeem has pulled something like this, and it’s damaging our already fragile society. When those in power stay silent, it only emboldens the disrespectful and the damaging.

The Importance of Standing Up

In the middle of this mess, it’s easy to hesitate before stepping up for the woman involved. But let’s not forget what Islam teaches us – respect and constructive interaction. Insulting someone, especially on a TV channel, is way out of line.

We need to speak out and challenge this behavior. The true essence of Islam is rooted in respect, knowledge, and compassion. Let’s not let the actions of a few distort these beautiful teachings. By standing up, we can make a difference and uphold the values we truly believe in.

Until next time, let’s keep it real, stay mad for the right reasons, and fight for what’s right.

Please do your research before believing anything. Then use your honest judgement. Do whats right!


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